Marcus Belgrave
Marcus Belgrave

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The Marcus & Joan Show

Marcus Belgrave presents a personal tribute to his mentor Ray Charles,
New Orleans, and the Great Ladies of song

Ray Charles Tribute band

Back Row: Chris Smith (trombone), Gayelynn McKinney (Drums), Bill Meyer (Piano), Marion Hayden (Bass)
Front Row: Marcus Belgrave(trumpet/vocals), Joan Bow-Belgrave(vocals), Charlie Gabriel (Tenor/vocals).
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Marcus Belgrave Presents A Tribute to New Orleans, Ray Charles, and the Great Ladies of Song

"I have just one word to say: WOW!...The music is great…. The arrangements are fabulous …….a genuinely crowd-pleasing act…..I love it.…pizzazz and charm….glitter of a New York stage sprinkled all throughout it."
-Pete Fallico- KKUP Radio -Santa Cruz, Ca, KCSM Radio -San Mateo, CA

"…. to catch Belgrave performing with his touring band….. was to gain new appreciation for his work…Belgrave's easygoing tempos, fervent lyricism”and raspy vocals…. puckish vocal phrasings and mercurial trumpet lines.. Belgrave took pains to share the spotlight with his band, which turned in some of its most exemplary playing in early Duke Ellington"

“New Orleans mind-set flows smoothly in heart of Chicago”
By Howard Reich | Tribune arts critic


The Marcus Belgrave Experience

Charlie Gabriel, Joan Bow-Belgrave & Marcus Belgrave
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You Don't Know Me CD cover

Marcus Belgrave's New Orlean Celebration

Tribute band in action
Photo By Clyde Stringer

 Tribute band in action
Photo By Clyde Stringer

Second Line
Second Line
Photo By Clyde Stringer

Joan and Marcus
Photo By Clyde Stringer



Ray Charles' Original Front line Photos
-Courtesy of Ray Charles Marketing Group

Ray Charles band - historical photo
Ray Charles on Piano...l-r Phil Gilbeau, (t) Marcus Belgrave, (t) Hank Crawford,(alto) David (Fathead) Newman(ten), Leroy Cooper (bar)

Ray Charles band - historical photo

Ray Charles band - historical photo


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